About Us

Meticulously grown over the last six decades, today Sri Krishna Sweets (SKS) is synonymous with superb taste, high quality and very good value food products. Having mastered the traditional art of sweet making, SKS has developed pioneering concepts for bringing the divine taste to the consumer. SKS consistently strives for innovations without losing traditional values.

This organization has made its mark in the minds of the people since 1948 due to the quality of its products, wide range of sweets and savories and with a value addition of being prepared with utmost care and love, served with lavish doses of love.



The glory of an Institution is achieved by its Dharmic Commitments, its adherence to the Values and ethics expected of it, and its belief in working to the fullest satisfaction of the people it serves.

With this vision, Sri Krishna Sweets was founded in 1948 by Shri N K Mahadeva Iyer in Coimbatore, with a mission to serve the public with a professional catering house.

His perseverance and innovation, with years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste, gave the world the highly delicious melting magic  the divine Mysurpa, a delicacy loved by one and all, in India and abroad.

Sri N.K. Mahadeva Iyer enviably built Mysurpa as a very popular and powerful brand, a flagship product and the single monumental contribution to the food processing industry.

He made sure that his precious creations made of pure ghee, such as the Mysurpa were treated and displayed like the treasures they were. It was more than a mere "Sweet Shop", Sri Krishna Sweets had become a grand gallery of spectacular appeal, both visual and gustatory.


Social Responsibility

Mr. Murali has a mindset to share a part of his income generated through business with the public and hence conceptualized a unique social responsibility program under the banner Chennai-365. Programs in the area of art, Culture, Education, Health, Environment etc are being organized all the year around in various parts of Chennai. This novel concept of Mr. Murali is to motivate the public in doing a good deed every day. Every year, over 250 socially significant and responsible programs are organized across the country, which are widely acclaimed by the public.



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